Two Months Banded


I just had my second fill, and a bit of chastisement as well. Seems I’ve been creeping up on my food portions and pushing the boundaries. I lost another 5 pounds in the last 5 weeks which is OK but on the slow side of weight loss.

So, a big reminder to eat smaller portions, eat slow, chew well, and don’t go for the ‘can’t eat another bite’ feeling.

I realized this weekend that I feel better. I think the post-surgery healing is complete.

What I need most to do is exercise!

Don’t get me wrong- I’ve been watching what I eat and measuring and eating slowly. But I could eat slower. And just because veggies are good, don’t eat more than my portion. and don’t feel I have to have a starch at every meal.

I did have a weeks vacation, a week end in the city and Thanksgiving to mess things up. And coming soonis Christmas and New Years.

I want to do this well and I want to succeed! Lord, help me. I cannot do this on my own!


Week 7 Banded


I lost another 3 pounds between my fill and my primary doctor’s visit last week. Yeah!
I did buy a few clothes (on sale) so that I don’t look like I’m wearing bags.
I’m feeling much better, trying new foods, having more energy than in the past few weeks.
I’ve tried regular pork chops, quinoa, salad, peppers raw and cooked, little village tacos, and this morning- melon. That is not settling so well though. Either I ate too much or melon isn’t good for me right now.
I feel like I’m moving better. I realized I haven’t had any arthritis pain in my hip for a while now. I’m still a but confused on how much weight I’ve lost- where do I start? I’m tempted to go back to Feb. when I decided I needed to deal with my weight. Many start with the Pre-surgical diet. Maybe I need two numbers?

So: 40 pounds lost since Feb.
20 pounds lost since I prepared for surgery. 14 pounds lost since surgery.
60 pounds left to go. Whew! Round numbers are best.

People are starting to notice. I haven’t been this small for 25 years!

I’ve eaten out. Mostly positive. Understanding restaurants are appreciated! I tried the ‘give me the doggy bag now’ request. Nope. They wanted to package leftovers after. I’ll need to be more assertive.

Mostly I feel this is doable. Sometimes I look at what is left to lose, but mostly I look at what I’ve lost. I feel like I’m still on a honeymoon, coasting on the effects if surgery. But I’ll enjoy this time!

Surprising Behavior


I just realized that in the past week, since my fill, I have reached for that afternoon snack or night time snack, only to pause and think, but I’m not hungry. And I don’t have the snack! Three meals a day with no snacks and only liquids in between seemed so undoable a few months ago. But here I am.

So I was very pleasantly surprised when I saw this new behavior. I am “full” between meals!

New Foods


Today I had romaine lettuce leaves as a wrap for turkey with alfalfa sprouts. I had polenta for dinner. Yesterday I had blackberries. Add to that the fresh apple, oatmeal and sweet potato on Friday.

I ate out Saturday and had rotisserie chicken. Today I had oatmeal at Starbucks.