Progress with Walk/Runs


I did another walk/run this morning. About 3.5 miles and 60+ minutes of activity. About one third of my steps were “running” according to my Striiv. A few notes to myself:
1. Find something to keep the sweat out of my eyes.
2. Gotta get clothes that are a bit less in coverage, more absorbent, and thus, less hot!
3. Make sure my iPhone is charged so I can use those nifty Apps like Runtastic Pro and Heart Rate and to be able to make a call if I need to!
4. Get air in my bike tires so I can ride my bike! Which is what I had planned to do this morning.
5. Consider sunglasses and a hat.
6. Do something about that left hip!
7. There is a noticeable difference having the insoles in my running shoes! I won’t make that mistake again!

It was successful today. I had a 200 calorie bar that had both protein and carbs in it for breakfast. I got a good 2 glasses of water in before I went out and took 2 more with me which I drank while I was out. I had an early lunch after a shower. I walked for 5-10 minutes and then stopped to stretch. When I got home I did several stretches for my legs. My Striiv says I burned 650 calories. Not bad.

I signed up for the Firecracker 5K on July 4th here in Warrenville. It is a walk/run, so I think I’ll be fine. It is more to do it and finish that drives me. It will be my first!

I’m excited about those changes. I have no idea where I’ll be going with it. I’m not sure I can see myself running in winter. Time will tell!